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West Yellowstone:

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Summertime in West Yellowstone, of course, revolves mainly around the Park. However, don’t miss out on the abundant activities and attractions in the rest of the northwest corner of Yellowstone Country. Just a few miles west of town, for instance you'll find some of the best trout fishing lakes. Farther afield, the rough-and-tumble towns of Virginia and Nevada Cities preserve the aura of nineteenth century frontier mining towns. Within the city limits, you'll find attractions that shouldn't be passed by. Don’t rush off before you experience all the West Yellowstone area has to offer.

Around town, the Museum of the Yellowstone, located in the old Union Pacific Depot, features exhibits on the bears of Yellowstone, western history, Indian artifacts, and regional wildlife; as well as spectacular videos of the explosive power of the Yellowstone fires. The Grizzly Discovery center offers visitors a unique opportunity to observe the grizzly bear and gray wolf living in a natural setting. The Imax theater takes you into the pictures on its giant screen featuring movie experiences including "Yellowstone" and "Everest". After wandering through the local shops, be sure to catch the live family entertainment at the widely acclaimed Playmill Theater. Past Shows have included "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" and "Joseph and the Technicolor Raincoat" to name but a few.  The Bear’s Den Cinema offers current run movies for those who want to relax and catch a flick.

For a different glimpse into the past, travel past Ennis to the old mining towns of Virginia and Nevada Cities. Virginia City was a Montana territorial capitol and features specialty shops, restaurants and a museum. Neighboring Nevada City is a recreation of the mining camp that once boomed in that location. To the north, a drive past Big Sky through the winding Gallatin onwards to Bozeman follows the Gallatin River until it opens into a beautiful valley rimmed with spectacular mountains. Bozeman is the home of Montana State University, the Museum of the Rockies, and the American Computer Museum.

The Museum of the Rockies features the area’s only planetarium and several important dinosaur finds, including an 80 million-year-old nest of dinosaur eggs and a cast of a baby dinosaur emerging from an egg. "Techies" and lay people alike will be fascinated by the story of that now ever-present feature.

Drive towards Rexberg on U.S. 20 and you'll find signs to lead you to Yellowstone Bear World. This drive through the animal park is seeking to recreate the era of Yellowstone National Park when grizzly and black bears were commonly found along the park's roads. As you drive through this park you will also see elk, deer, reindeer, and other animals native to the Rocky Mountain range.

Due west of "West", the Red Rock Wildlife Refuge in the spectacular Centennial valley provides incredible opportunities for bird watchers. Created to protect the rare trumpeter swan, the refuge is home to at least 18 types of waterfowl. This secluded valley can be reached only by a dirt road. Pack a picnic lunch, grab your binoculars and enjoy this fascinating day trip.

Rent a bicycle and explore the woods and trails of West. Popular bicycle rides include the Old Union Pacific rail bed, the Rendezvous trail system, and riding along the wide shoulder along the road that travels up the Madison River. Endless options for hiking also exist. The boardwalk along the edge of the Madison River a mile inside the park entrance is a perfect place to enjoy a peaceful evening and watch the sun go down.

Harriman State Park, just south of Island Park maintains an extensive trail system for hikers, mountain bikers and horsemen. The spectacular view of the Tetons from the main ranch buildings makes it a terrific setting for a picnic. In this open spot, the edges of the huge volcanic caldera, across which the river flows, can be seen.

A few miles below Harriman State Park, the Henry's Fork starts to cut its way through the edge of the volcanic caldera. At Upper Mesa Falls the river plunges 114 feet straight down and a short distance later drops another 65 feet over Lower Mesa Falls.


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