Yellowstone National Park

Waterfalls of Yellowstone
This pack trip takes you into Bechler, Yellowstone's waterfall country. It is a pack trip that we like to take in late August, September and October. This pack trip takes you across the Pitchstone Plateau to Union Falls. It provides beautiful views of the Grand Tetons, the Bechler meadows and several waterfalls, including Ouzel Falls.

This is a great trip for fishing and photography.

Your outfitter, Jett Hitt, is a hiking companion of Dr. Lee Whittlesey and Mike Stevens, the authors of The Guide to Yellowstone Waterfalls and Their Discovery, and, in fact, he has the discovery of four new waterfalls to his credit.

To the right is a map detailing our route and campsites.

This is a six day pack trip and the total cost is $2,310 per person, three person minimum.


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