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Snowmobiling in Yellowstone is an exciting experience that offers visitors an opportunity to view the park and its natural wonders in a spectacular winter wonderland!  Winter in Yellowstone offers both outstanding natural beauty and excellent wildlife viewing.  Although no off-road travel is permitted inside Yellowstone, snowmobilers may use any of the park's groomed roads.

If you're interested in some off-road snowmobiling, then West Yellowstone is the place for you!  West Yellowstone is a snowmobile paradise that offers access to thousands of miles of trails - everything from novice to expert terrain!  There are also numerous restaurants, gift shops, attractions, and snowmobile rental establishments awaiting the winter visitor.  This gateway community is the perfect location for a "home base" during your winter Yellowstone vacation, because it offers easy access to both Yellowstone National Park and endless off-road snowmobiling opportunities in the nearby Gallatin National Forest.

Snowmobile Regulations For INSIDE Yellowstone

Snowmobile operators must have a valid state motor vehicle driver's license in their possession.  

Operate snowmobiles as you would an automobile. Use hand signals when turning or stopping. Allow enough distance in between snowmobiles when traveling. Passing is allowed only when safe. If you turn around, you must do so within the road width.

Maximum speed limit is 45 mph (72 kph) or less where posted or as conditions warrant. Speed is checked by radar. Obey all speed limit signs and stop signs.

Drive on the right side of the road and in single file. When stopping, pull to the far right and park in single file. Stay to the right even if the roads are rough.

Snowmobiles may be driven on designated roads only. Sidehilling, berm-riding, or any off-road travel is prohibited and carries a fine of up to $5000. Report accidents to a ranger.

Operating a snowmobile while intoxicated is illegal. Possession of open alcoholic beverage containers, including botabags, is illegal.

Snowmobiles must be registered according to applicable state law. Muffler, lights, and brakes must be in good working condition.

Snowmobile exhaust and muffler systems must be in good working order. The maximum noise allowed is 78 decibels when measured during full acceleration at a distance of 50 feet. Most stock exhaust systems meet this standard; "after-market" ("piped") exhaust systems often do not. Snowmobiles exceeding the decibel standard will be denied entry into the park.

Thermal basins, viewpoints, and walkways are snowpacked and icy during winter; fog reduces visibility. When walking, stay on boardwalks or maintained trails; walk carefully. Watch your children. Your hand or voice may be too far away if your child leaves your side.

Wild animals have the right of way. Wildlife are dangerous and unpredictable. Winter is a time of great stress. When you force an animal to move, it uses energy which is vital to its survival. Approaching, chasing, molesting, or feeding animals is prohibited.

If bison or other wildlife are on the road, stop at least 25 yards away and/or pull your machine as far as possible to the opposite side of the road; give them a chance to get off the road. If they run toward you, and you can confidently turn around, do so and move to a safe place to reassess the situation. If they walk or run toward you, and you cannot turn around, get off your machine and stand to the side of it, keeping the machine between you and the animal(s). If they are standing calmly, inch toward them and assess their behavior. If they remain calm, pass on the opposite side of the road at a moderate speed. Do not make sudden or erratic movements; use groomed pullouts where possible. If the animal(s) appear agitated, do not attempt to pass as any advance may cause the animal(s) to charge. Do not chase animals or cause them to stampede. There is no guarantee of your safety.

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