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Horseback Riding & Pack Trips Inside Yellowstone

Plan the perfect family vacation by letting us take you on a day ride through some of the most pristine wilderness on the planet. We do a variety of day trips into Yellowstone's backcountry, ranging from four to eight hours. We take you to some of our favorite places in the northern part of the park, or if there is someplace special that you would like to see, we can do a custom day trip.

Half Day Rides:  This is the most economical choice. For this ride we choose a location in the northwest corner of the park. It is spectacular. We take you horseback riding across Swan Lake Flats and up through the Hoodoos. It can be a great trip for viewing wildlife and is sure to create some unforgettable memories.

The cost is $110 per person.

Full Day Rides:  This is the most bang for your buck where horseback riding day rides are concerned. On these rides, we provide you with lunch and take you to some of our favorite places on Yellowstone's northern range. This ride is the perfect addition to a family vacation in Yellowstone. We work with you to ensure that you have a chance to see the things that you want to see, and when it's over we point you toward all the best places in the park.

The cost is $165 per person.

Full Day Rides to the Southern Region of the Park:  This horseback riding trip is exactly the same as the one listed above except that it is a little more expensive because we have to haul our stock very long distances. This trip is for those individuals who want to visit something in particular in the southern region of the park.

The cost is $220 per person.

Overnight Pack Trips Inside Yellowstone National Park

There is no better way to experience Yellowstone's backcountry than a pack trip. Only this extended adventure affords you enough time to travel into the deepest reaches of Yellowstone's wilderness. On horseback, you can cover more ground and see more of Yellowstone's most remote wonders.

With more than 3,740 square miles, Yellowstone is so vast that many of its greatest treasures remain unseen by all but a few individuals. We happen to be among those few, and we'll take you to see some of what we believe to be the most spectacular places on earth.

Choose from a custom pack trip that you design with our help or join a scheduled group pack trip. You can also choose from some of our Educational Trips, one of which has a special guest lecturer, Dr. Lee Whittlesey, the Yellowstone Park Historian. Which ever you choose will provide you with a unique experience in Yellowstone. During the day, your guides will take you horseback riding, fly fishing, hiking, or, if you prefer, they will just leave you alone to commune with nature.

Our pack trips provide you with two well-informed guides, pack mules to carry your personal belongings, a good horse, a good saddle, big saddle bags, a four season tent, and three square meals per day. Most of all, our trips provide you with memories that will last a lifetime. There simply is no better way to see Yellowstone National Park.

Deposit/Cancellation Policies:  For all rides inside the park, a non-refundable deposit of 50% is required with the remaining balance due upon arrival.  The cancellation policy is at least 7 days prior to the ride date in order to avoid being charged the remaining balance.

Custom Pack Trip Guest Lecturer Pack Trip Hoodoo Basin Pack Trip Waterfalls Pack Trip Exploring Yellowstone's Thermal Features
Photography Pack Trip Poacher Cabin Trip Thorofare Pack Trip Wildflowers of Yellowstone Drop Camps for Hikers
Heart Lake Fishing Trip Gallatin Pack Trip

Horseback Riding & Pack Trips in the Absaroka Wilderness North of Yellowstone

 One Hour Trips: $26/person

 Two Hour Trips: $45/person

 Half Day Trips: $75/person

 Full Day Trip with Lunch: $135/person

Horseback rides are available May 20 through September 1.

Overnight Pack Trips into the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness

We customize overnight pack trips to suit your family's specific needs!  We offer trips from 2 to 7 nights in the pristine and secluded Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Area.  If you're interested in exploring some of the most beautiful and remote wilderness in the United States, then the overnight pack trip is a must!  We provide friendly and experienced guides, all your meals, large comfortable wall tents...and of course, the horses.  You only need to bring your clothes, personal items, and a camera!  You'll have opportunities to fish some of the finest blue ribbon trout streams in America, view wildlife, gaze at the stars in that "Big Sky" of Montana, and experience a comfortable and peaceful time away from the crowds. Rates: $225 per person per day.

Deposit/Cancellation Policies:  A deposit of 50% is required at the time of making a reservation, and the cancellation policy is at least 7 days prior to the scheduled ride date in order to receive a refund of the deposit.

For Reservations, Call Toll-Free 1-866-646-0388

From Outside the USA, Call (406) 446-4900

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