Yellowstone National Park

Hoodoo Basin Trip
This pack trip takes you through the Lamar valley, up Miller Creek and up over Parker Peak to one of the most mysterious regions in Yellowstone, Hoodoo Basin. Like the Badlands of South Dakota, it is an area that has been sculpted by wind for thousands of years. The view from 10,500 feet is indescribable. We highly recommend this trip. It is often ripe with wildlife, and it is great for photography.

Additionally, the Lamar Valley is a great place for wolf watching, and Miller Creek is thought to be part of the route of the 1877 flight of the Nez Perce through Yellowstone.

This pack trip takes five days, and it can be shortened to four days. The total cost is $1,650 per person, three person minimum. It includes one day of off-trail travel and 53 miles of on-trail travel.

To the right is a map detailing our route and campsites.

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