Yellowstone National Park

Drop Camps
For Hikers:  The cost for packing your gear into a base camp varies greatly, depending upon the distance that we have to haul and the amount of time getting to the camp. If we can pack you in and ride back out the same day, the cost is $660 to areas in the northern part of the park. We drop your things at camp and return for you on a designated day. This is a minimum price. The best thing to do is plan your trip and then let us give you a quote or speak with us and let us help you plan your trip. We know the park, so we can offer many suggestions. We offer many services to hikers ranging from a simple drop camp to providing you with a full service camp.

To Make Reservations, Call Toll-Free 1-866-646-0388

From Outside the USA, Call 406-446-4900

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