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What major attractions can I see during my Yellowstone visit?
Visit our Major Attractions page.
How can I get information about Yellowstone sent to me in the mail?
You can order the most extensive information packet available for Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding region by calling toll-free 1-866-646-0388 or click here to order online!
How much driving will I need to do in Yellowstone?
On average, Yellowstone's major attractions are a 20 to 30 minute drive apart.
When was Yellowstone National Park established?
By act of congress, Yellowstone was established in March of 1872.
Are pets permitted inside Yellowstone National Park?
Yes, pets are allowed inside the park; however, they must be kept on a lease and are only allowed in the front country areas.  Pets are not allowed in the backcountry.  Most lodging facilities inside the park do not allow pets, but you may have pets in any of the park's cabins.
How many thermal features are inside Yellowstone?
More than 10,000.
What activities can my family enjoy during a Yellowstone vacation?
During the summer, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, fishing, kayaking, hiking, and wildlife photography are just a few of the many things your family can do while visiting Yellowstone.  In the winter, visitors enjoy snowmobiling, nordic skiing, alpine skiing, snowshoeing, and more.  For more information, visit our summer page and winter page.
How large is Yellowstone National Park?
The park is more than 2 million acres in size.
How do I make reservations at Yellowstone National Park?
To make lodging and activity reservations, call the toll-free reservation line at 1-866-646-0388.
When does Yellowstone open for the summer season?
Park roads usually begin opening in the middle of April depending on weather conditions.  However, lodging and services do not begin opening inside the park until early May.
When does Yellowstone close for the summer season?
Typically, the park's summer season ends on November 5 with the roads being closed until the park opens for it's winter season.
When does Yellowstone open for the winter season?
Typically, the park begins its winter season in mid-December.  The week between Christmas and New Year's Day is one of the busiest times of the winter season.
When does Yellowstone close for the winter?
Depending on snow conditions, the park typically closes after the first week of March.  It is open to snow machines from mid-December through early March.  The north entrance is open to automobiles year-round.
Are bicycles allowed inside the park?
Yes, they are allowed on designated routes and public roads.  However, bicycles are not permitted on boardwalks, trails or the backcountry.
How many geysers are there inside Yellowstone?
Currently, there are some 250 active geysers in the park.
Are there campgrounds inside Yellowstone National Park?
Yes, there are several campgrounds in the park.  For more information on camping, visiting our camping page.
How early do I need to make my reservations at Yellowstone National Park?
Rooms and activities in Yellowstone sell out every year. You should make your reservations as soon as you know when you're coming.  You may be required to stay at a hotel/lodge at one of the park's entrances if lodging inside the park sells out.
Has snowmobiling been banned inside Yellowstone National Park?
Snowmobiling is still allowed in Yellowstone. You can rent snowmobiles by calling toll-free 1-866-646-0388.
How do I get the weather forecast for Yellowstone?
Visit our Yellowstone weather page.
Where can I see bears and wolves in Yellowstone National Park?
Although not every visitor is fortunate to see a bear, there are optimal places and times to view them.  The best time to look for bears is during the early morning or late evening hours.  Some of the best places to find bears in the park include Hayden Valley (between Canyon and Fishing Bridge), Pelican Valley (5 miles east of Fishing Bridge), and the Tower Falls area.  Bears are often closer to the roads in May and June.

The best place to view wolves is Lamar Valley (located east of Tower Falls).  The best time to view these elusive animals is during the early morning or late evening hours.


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